Walls and Fences with Allan Blocks

Allan Blocks are interlocking concrete blocks that don’t require the use of mortar. They can be used to construct retaining and patio walls as well as fences. Their styles are based on the walls of ancient civilizations and will add a refined look to your outdoor space.

Fully Customizable

The customizable nature of Allan Blocks is one of their biggest advantages. With a variety of styles and colors, there’s sure to be one that matches whatever theme you’re going for. Even the pattern of the walls and fences themselves can be customized thanks to the different block shapes. For example, fence sets include post, large post, corner, cap, and four sizes of panel blocks. These panel blocks can be used to make all different kinds of patterns.

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Additionally, Allan Blocks don’t need to be arranged in linear sections; curved walls or fences are possible. This is especially important for both retaining walls and decorative patio walls which must be able to follow the flow of your land or patio. And to spice up your wall or fence a bit more, consider including other decorative pieces such as lights or railings along the top to give it a more complete look. Gates can be attached as well, though heavy gates such as those used for commercial or industrial complexes may require wheels to help the walls support them.

Retaining and Patio Walls

Retaining walls built with Allan Blocks are not only stylish, but functional too. Whether you need a low retaining wall to frame your above ground planters, or a larger retaining wall to protect your property from the elements, Allan Blocks are the right choice. For larger, more functional retaining walls, the AB collection is perfect. This collection was purpose built to hold back the lateral pressure of a hillside. The AB collection is available in eight different color blends:

  • Autumn
  • Brown
  • Burgundy
  • Charcoal
  • Chestnut
  • Gray
  • Malvern
  • Shadow

However, if more decorative walls are what you’re looking for, the Europa and Aztec collections were created with planters and garden edging in mind. The Europa collection has a more rounded appearance and comes in three different color blends, Autumn, Malvern, and Shadow. Blocks from the Aztec collection don’t have a variety of colors to choose from, but individual blocks may have slight color differences to give the wall as a whole a more varied appearance. The blocks from the Aztec collection also have a smoother face, replicating the stone walls from the Incan capital of Cusco, Peru.

Finally there is the Courtyard collection which comes in the same three color blends as the Europa collection. This collection was crafted specifically to enclose patio spaces with elegant, low-profile walls. Like the Allan Block Fence, the Courtyard collection includes post blocks to separate sections of the patio wall. However, unlike the other collections which include four, the Courtyard collection only includes two different sizes for the main wall blocks.

Allan Block Fence

The Allan Block Fence can be thought of as a larger-scale version of the Courtyard collection. While it does have a different aesthetic, it functions in the same way, encircling your property just as the Courtyard collection would encircle a patio. As with all Allan Block collections, the fence is also easy to install and requires little maintenance.

There are three main reasons to install an Allan Block concrete fence: decoration, containment, and sound abatement. The decorative aspects aside, containment and sound abatement are important for a variety of situations. Whether you need a fence to surround your place of business or your home, an Allan Block Fence will keep your property secure. Small sections of Allan Block Fence can also be used to hide commercial dumpsters from public view. Not only does this increase the curb appeal of your business, but in some municipalities dumpsters must be cut off from public access.

The concrete used to make Allan Blocks is also a great material for deflecting noise. While a slight amount of noise will pass through the fence, the majority of it will either be reflected back in the direction of the source or diffracted above the wall. For use near high traffic roads or other noisy areas, try planting some trees along the inner side of your fence to improve sound abatement. The trees should be located five to ten feet from the wall for maximum efficiency.


Allan Block walls and fences are extremely customizable. They come in a variety of styles and colors, and allow for different patterns to be incorporated into their designs. There are also different types of Allan Block walls and fences to consider depending on what sort of project you’re planning. The AB collection is perfect for large retaining walls, while the Europa and Aztec collections work better for smaller retaining walls; the Courtyard collection is for surrounding patios, while the Allan Block Fence is for surrounding properties.

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