Techo-Bloc Pavers

Fizzano Brothers Concrete Products is now an authorized dealer of Techo-Bloc pavers. These pavers are available in multiple shapes, styles, and color profiles, which means there’s a paver to match any aesthetic. But what sets these interlocking pavers apart from the competition is their durability, permeability, and advanced finish technology. For all of these reasons, Techo-Bloc pavers should be considered for any paver project.

Techo-Bloc Benefits

Techo-Bloc Blu 80 Smooth Pavers

Techo-Blocs are some of the most durable pavers on the market today. They’re thicker than most other pavers, which in turn means that they can withstand more weight without being damaged. Even vehicle traffic won’t crack the pavers or disturb their placement.

Along with their thickness, the salt resistance of Techo-Blocs significantly contributes to their durability and longevity — especially in climates such as the Northeastern United States. These pavers will not be damaged by the laying of salt to prevent ice from forming in the winter. When used on other types of pavement and some pavers, salt can eat away at the surface and lead to crumbling. Thanks to this, Techo-Bloc pavers generally last longer than asphalt when used on driveways.

Another aspect of paver durability is color durability. Techo-Bloc pavers are advertised as “color consistent.” What this means is that, over time, the color of the blocks won’t fade due to the sun’s UV rays. This is achieved in two ways. First, the color is distributed throughout the entire block, not just on the surface. Second, a protective finish is applied to lock in the color.

Permeable Pavers

Techo-Bloc Aquastorm Pavers

Some of the pavers in Techo-Bloc’s catalog are what are known as permeable pavers. These are environmentally friendly pavers that allow for water to seep into the ground. Permeable pavers feature larger joint space that allows for water to filter down into the underlying substrate. This substrate is generally made up of multiple layers of varying sizes of gravel. Smaller gravel is used near the top, while larger gravel is used farther down. The substrate is used to naturally filter contaminants out of the water before it reaches the reservoir layer.

You may be wondering why permeability is an environmentally friendly trait for pavers to have. When rainwater isn’t able to seep into the ground, such as on asphalt, it becomes runoff. Runoff can carry chemicals and trash into waterways, lead to higher erosion rates, and wash away the topsoil that’s necessary for most plants.

There are also non-environmental benefits to permeable pavers. Since water is able to drain directly into the ground, it means there’s a lower risk of puddling, flooding, and ice formation. These benefits are especially nice if the pavers are being used in a completely level area.

Protective Paver Finishes

Techo-Bloc Mista Pavers

Some Techo-Bloc products also come with special protective finishes. All of their products are resistant to color fading brought on by UV light. But, there are additional options for specific uses as well. The Klean-Bloc, HD2, and HD2+ are all paver lines that feature protective finishes.

As you may have guessed from the name, Klean-Bloc is a stain-resistant paver. Maintenance for Klean-Blocs simply involves washing the surface off with a hose if used outdoors or with a damp cloth or paper towel indoors. For outdoor settings, Klean-Bloc is ideal for poolside settings where food and drink spills may be common and cleanup is easy. Similarly, kitchen floors are the prime spot to use these pavers indoors.

HD2 (High Definition & Density) pavers offer surfaces with higher particle counts per square inch, superior strength and durability compared to standard pavers, vibrant colors, and detailed textures. This leads to a more beautiful paver finish than what you’ll find on most other pavers. HD2+ takes everything to the next level. These pavers add the stain-resistance of Klean-Bloc, include enhanced colors, and have a reduced water absorption rate which helps to protect them against freeze-thaw cycles.


Techo-Bloc pavers are some of the most durable and beautiful pavers available today. They can withstand heavy weights due to their increased thickness, they aren’t damaged by salt used to prevent ice, and they are resistant to color fading from UV rays. They also produce permeable pavers that allow rainwater to filter back into the ground naturally rather than becoming run-off that can harm the environment. And, protective finishes are available on all pavers, with some also featuring specialty finishes such as Klean-Bloc, HD2, and HD2+.

Fizzano Brothers

Paving stones by Techo-Bloc will increase the visual appeal and value of any home to which they’re added. These robust and beautiful pavers are versatile enough to be used both indoors and out. If you’re looking for Techo-Bloc pavers for your next project, look no further than Fizzano Brothers Concrete Products! Contact us today for more information about Techo-Bloc products and prices.