Laticrete – Masonry Veneer Installation System Contractor Training

This past November, Fizzano held a free Laticrete Masonry Veneer Installation System (MVIS) contractor training session at our Trevose, PA facility. Over the two and a half hours the event ran, we introduced the four products that make up the system, demonstrated them, and instructed the contractors present on how to install them. Why are we telling you about this now? Because we’re doing it again!

January 19, 2018, we will be running a second contractor training session at our Crum Lynne location. Starting at 8:00 am, the session will run for two and a half hours, and is free to all who show up. For more information and/or registration contact Don Good at 267-446-3696.

What is the Laticrete Masonry Veneer Installation System?

Good question. It is made up of four products that combine to provide a complete masonry veneer installation solution. With the increasing popularity of adhered masonry veneers, there has been a need for higher-performance factory produced installation materials that deliver faster installation and consistent, quality performance. The Laticrete MVIS is the answer to this need, delivering a superior performing result on top of a traditional installation process. The Laticrete products that make up this system are:

Laticrete MVIS Air & Water Barrier

This collection of products provides complete weather protection for the structure from wind, water, and vapor, and helps prevent cracking. The Air and Water Barrier is made up of five different products:
  • MVIS™ Air & Water Barrier – A single component, load bearing, vapor permeable, fluid applied, waterproofing, crack isolation, air barrier membrane.
  • LATAPOXY® Waterproof Flashing Mortar – An epoxy-based 3 component, trowel applied, waterproofing, and vapor barrier membrane.
  • MVIS™ Transition Tape – A self-adhering air, vapor and weather barrier that protects structures from air, vapor, wind, and rain.
  • MVIS™ Flexible Sealing Tape – A flexible, stretchable, and tear resistant flashing detail tape that allows for easy installation in awkward configurations such as arched window or door openings, I-beams, and other wall penetrations.
  • MVIS™ Transition Tape Primer – A low odor, VOC compliant water based primer/adhesive designed specifically for use with MVIS Transition Tape and MVIS Flexible Sealing Tape.

Laticrete MVIS Adhesives and Mortars

The MVIS family of products contains a wide array of adhesives and mortars for use in any masonry veneer installation. These adhesives and mortars are critical for providing the ideal bond, whether the installation is indoor, outdoor, tile, stone, glass, brick, or veneer:
  • Lightweight Mortar
  • Hi-Bond Veneer Mortar
  • Hi-Bond Veneer Mortar Rapid
  • Premium Mortar Bed
  • Veneer Mortar
  • Thin Brick Mortar
  • 310 Stone Adhesive
  • Glass Block Mortar
  • Rapid Latex Admix

Laticrete MVIS Pointing Mortars

Formulated to provide a dense and hard joint, whether used inside or out. All Laticrete pointing mortars are anti-microbial, and resist mold and mildew. This leads to joints that look nicer for longer than competing mortars, whether used commercially or residentially. There are three mortars in the MVIS family:
  • MVIS™ Premium Pointing Mortar– A premium factory prepared high performance, fast setting masonry pointing mortar that provides a masonry pointing mortar joint that is dense and hard.
  • MVIS™ Pointing Mortar – A premium, factory prepared, mortar designed to be mixed with water or Laticrete’s Grout Enhancer.
  • MVIS™ Epoxy Pointing Mortar – A high performance epoxy pointing mortar that offers excellent color uniformity, durability, stain resistance and sanitary full joints in an easy-to-use, non-sag formula.

Laticrete MVIS Silicone Sealant

LATASIL™ sealant is a high performance, one component, neutral cure, 100% silicone sealant designed for ceramic tile & stone applications.

Learn about Laticrete MVIS at Fizzano

Nothing else provides the long lasting benefits of a modern engineered masonry installation system, with the productivity of traditional masonry veneer installation methods or the ’tile setter’s’method. Avoid future issues with delamination, water penetration, cracking, and more, and sleep easy with the peace of mind provided by Laticrete’s 15 or 25 year warranties. Join us in Crum Lynne on January 19 to learn how the MVIS products work and how to use them.