How to Choose the Best Exterior Stone Veneer

Stone veneer is a decorative product that can be made from either manufactured or natural stone and has many uses, both on the interior and exterior of the home. Due to its relative thinness, it can be easily installed to create an almost endless variety of effects. While stone veneer is commonly used to cover either part or all of a home’s façade, there are many other uses for it as well. Indoors, it is often used as a distinctive decoration for fireplaces. Outdoors, it creates natural-looking fire pits, kitchens and grills, and walls/piers. Choosing the best exterior stone veneer is a matter of evaluating your project and your space, plant life, and even the surrounding homes and structures in your neighborhood in order to beautify your home and its environs while adding value to your investment.

Manufactured Veneer Stone

Manufactured stone veneers are fabricated by combining concrete and other compounds and pouring it into stone-shaped molds. The manufactured stone is then dyed to mimic the look of natural stone—or to create a distinctive look all its own. Before the introduction of this product in the 1950s, the only way to achieve the look of natural stone was to actually use natural stone, which at the time was only available in 4-inch thick full-bed masonry stone. This was limiting in terms of transportation and cost, and therefore the look of stone was reserved for those who could pay a premium.

Today, there is a great variety of options to match any look you might have in mind, including cobbled, pebbled, and brick stone. You can create a clean, regular effect or an uneven, organic, rustic look. Fizzano Brothers carries a fantastic selection of manufactured stone veneers from brands such as Eldorado, Cultured Stone, Stone Craft, and Coronado, which are the most realistic in the industry to natural stone and brick.

Natural Veneer Stone

Natural stone veneers are natural quarried-cut stone that comes straight from mother earth. Technology has evolved to allow natural stone to be cut to a 1-inch depth, making for far greater ease of transport and installation than was previously available. Natural stone is honed and shaped to capture and enhance the traits of the natural stone from which it is derived, so there is a great variety of sizes and textures available. The spectrum of organic colors afforded by natural stone is difficult to replicate in manufactured veneers; the natural heathered blue-grays, honeyed yellows, and reddish browns available in quarried stone can be quite stunning.

Fizzano Brothers carries product from both Beuchel Stone and Real Stone Systems. Beuchel is a particular favorite for its craftsmanship and wide variety of veneer lines, which are cut and shaped to highlight the raw beauty of natural stone. Whether you want to create a look that’s natural and subdued or modern and elegant, we carry the right Beuchel Stone products to create the most breathtaking façade, fire pit, or other veneer project.

Manufactured or Natural?

Whether you choose a manufactured or natural product, the best exterior stone veneer for your project will depend mainly on personal preference. Manufactured veneers have come a long way in terms of realism, but the advanced processes that create this look put them more or less on par pricewise with natural veneers. Still, you will be able to save money with manufactured veneers depending on the style that you choose and due to their somewhat easier process of installation.

Natural veneers can be a better choice when your project demands that the veneers run close to ground level. Because concrete tends to absorb water and can develop efflorescence over time, manufactured veneers should be installed at a height of at least 4 inches above the soil level.

There is a greater array of color choices with manufactured veneers simply because concrete can be dyed in an unlimited number of colors. However, many people prefer the look of natural stone, which no process will ever be able to precisely mimic. While manufactured veneers utilize chemicals in their production, stone is a natural and therefore more environmentally friendly product. Natural stone also tends to age better and last longer.

Your contractor will help to advise you on the best exterior stone veneer product, but your choice may ultimately come down to the look and feel of a particular veneer that you have your heart set on.

Why Fizzano Brothers?

Fizzano Bros. is the area’s leading distributor of the most popular manufactured and natural veneer stone and brick products. Our selection is unequaled anywhere in the area, even among specialty retailers of veneer stone and brick. We carry the most realistic manufactured veneer stone and most sought-after colors of natural veneer stone that will allow you to achieve a unique and distinctive decoration to your façade or other project. Fizzano Brothers is aware of our impact on the environment and uses eco-friendly installation practices we’ve developed over many decades, so you can rest easy knowing that your project will be beautiful as well as environmentally responsible.

At Fizzano Brothers, we pride ourselves on having the most knowledgeable staff in the business. There is simply no substitute for dealing with a company that knows the product well and can help you choose the best veneer for your needs. Our representatives can give you priceless input on your project from inception to completion. We know how to advise you on choosing the best exterior stone veneer for whatever project you have in mind.

We’d love to help get your creative juices flowing by offering a free demo of our new lines of the inspiring Beuchel Stone products. We think that the beauty and versatility of these products can only be truly appreciated in person. Give us a call to schedule an appointment or drop in so you can experience the gorgeous colors and textures of all of our stone veneer products for yourself.