Easy DIY Compost Bin Ideas

A DIY compost bin is not only a simple weekend task, but it also has tremendous effects on the environment, your wallet, and your garden. You might be intimidated to build your own compost bin, but with the right materials, it’ll be a breeze, as well as a fulfilling project. This guide will discuss the fantastic benefits of a DIY compost bin and how you can create your own with little hassle.

Why a DIY Compost Bin is a Smart Project

Let’s discuss why a compost bin is a great investment. In addition to being an environmentally friendly option, composting saves you money in the long run and allows your garden to thrive.

Instead of buying chemical fertilizers, you’ll have your very own supply right in your back yard. Chemical fertilizers are not as effective as natural compost, so you tend to have to keep purchasing more in order to see results. Natural compost will provide nutrients that are not washed away during rainfall, unlike the store-bought kind. Also, soil with rich compost in it retains moisture much more efficiently, so you can use less water and bring down that bill.

environmental waste

The environment needs as much help as it can get, and small steps lead to big impacts. Instead of throwing away your waste into landfills, recycle it in your compost bin. Landfills create greenhouse gases which trap heat, leading to climate change which has adverse impacts on the Earth. Reusing as much material as possible decreases the amount of mass in landfills and reduces your personal effect on the environment. Also, compost decreases the amount of water you need for your garden, as previously mentioned, thus saving a valuable resource. Plus, you won’t be throwing away lots of fertilizer packaging anymore!

fertilized soil

Your garden needs natural, rich nutrients in order to thrive. Compost will increase the stability of your soil and cultivate an environment in which your plants grow efficiently without extra hassle. You put a lot of work into your garden and you should be giving it the best possible resources for the best possible yield.

What Should I Put in My Compost Bin?

According to the EPA, 30% of residential waste is food scraps and yard waste. But there are several other options for composting materials as well.

diy composting

Veggie and fruit scraps—These are some of the most popular items for composting. After cutting up your fruits and veggies, toss them in the compost pile. It’s such a simple step to take, and you might be surprised by the number of scraps you create.

Yard waste—After clipping the grass, raking leaves, or clipping the hedges, that waste can be composted. It’s an easy way to manage yard scraps and is extremely beneficial for your compost.

Paper products—Newspapers, cardboard boxes, napkins, and paper towels are all viable composting materials. Be sure you don’t compost any bleached or laminated paper products as these will not break down.

diy composting

Egg cartons—Eggs are a kitchen staple. Instead of getting rid of the shells and carton, use them to add to your compost pile. Shells add calcium and cartons that are made of cardboard are just as helpful as other paper products.

Tea Bags & Coffee Grinds—Before putting your tea bags in be sure that they are compostable as some are made of synthetic materials that will not break down. Any kind of used coffee grounds are always great!

DIY Compost Bin Ideas

Creating your own DIY compost bin is not a difficult feat, but you should be sure to follow all regulations regarding composting and build one that will work well with good materials. There are a variety of compost bins you can build. Choose one that works best for you.

Plastic Bin

diy compost bin

Use an old storage container for a compost bin by drilling holes in the side for proper ventilation. Install wire mesh along the walls in order to keep rodents out. You can keep this bin in the backyard, on a porch, a garage, or wherever is convenient.

Wooden Pallet Bin

Using strong zip ties and wooden pallets, create a four-sided structure in your backyard. Be sure to leave a side untethered so it can be swung open like a door. This is an easy way to use old pallets and create a fool-proof compost.

Concrete Blocks with a Wire Mesh Lid

diy compost bin

Creating a structure out of concrete blocks and attaching a wire mesh lid is a great way to build a pest-proof compost bin. An angled structure of concrete blocks will keep out animals and provide you easy access to the pile. Follow our step-by-step guide for creating this compost bin with Allan Block materials.

Build a Compost Bin with Fizzano Brothers Concrete Products

Fizzano Brothers will provide you with the right materials for your compost bin. We carry a variety of products that are high quality and suit your specific project needs. You can count on us if you have any questions or concerns about an endeavor as we’ll provide caring and knowledgeable customer service and guidance. Contact us today and get started on your next backyard project!