Architectural Concrete Masonry Units: Not Your Grandfather’s Cinderblocks

Modern Concrete Masonry Units aren’t the dull, gray blocks that many people picture. Thanks to modern technology and ever-evolving processing, concrete masonry units are available in many different colors and finishes. They are no longer just used for retaining walls and boring industrial complexes, but have become an integral part of stylish architectural design for everything from commercial buildings to residential homes. Forget boring, gray bricks and think colorful, decorative, durable masonry units that add beauty and functionality to your design.

Why Architectural Concrete Masonry Units

Architectural Concrete Masonry Units (CMUs) offer a wide variety of benefits that make them an increasingly popular choice for many different building projects. More and more architects and builders are turning to CMUs to achieve not only the look but the functionality and durability that their clients expect.

Energy efficiency is a growing concern for both commercial and residential buildings, and many consumers are looking for new ways to reduce energy losses. Architectural CMUs create a tight seal and act as another layer of insulation. That helps to seal the cool air and keep the hot air out during the summer months, and vice versa in the winter months. This can dramatically reduce energy costs.

CMUs have also been found to be extremely robust in the face of all kinds of weather challenges and natural disasters, including improved fire resistance when compared to wood building products. They aren’t susceptible to damage from mold, rot, and termites, either. When it comes to moisture issues, CMUs can be manufactured with integral water resistance.

Another key benefit of CMUs is their design flexibility. They are available in many different shapes and sizes to meet your project’s needs. Various combinations of finishes and colors enable a one-of-a-kind look to be achieved, tailored to your client’s desires.

Fizzano Brothers Architectural CMU

At Fizzano Brothers, we offer several different CMU products to meet your construction needs. We can manufacture the CMUs you need, in the colors and textures you want, for commercial, institutional, industrial and residential construction. Here’s a summary of our most popular products, beginning with Split Face CMUs.

Split Face
Designer Split Face

Split Face Architectural CMUs are made from the finest architectural aggregates and carefully manufactured to provide a color-fast, crisp, split surface. These durable CMUs have a rough-hewn texture on one or more of the faces. No two faces will be exactly alike. They are available in 30 colors as well as any custom color, with four basic colors stocked for immediate deliveries.

Blast Finish
Designer Blasted Finish

State of the art equipment produces a soft textured surface of exposed aggregate on our Blast Finish Architectural CMUs. The texture is much smoother than the Split Face Architectural CMUs.

Ground Face & Ground Face Polished
Designer Ground Face

Ground Face CMUs with their ultra-smooth ground surface are made possible through precision equipment and total quality control. They are ideal for both interior and exterior applications and provide excellent durability. A very highly polished ground face surface characterizes the Ground Face Polished CMUs. Both make use of a controlled, tightly mixed aggregate to create a smooth face which is then subjected to multiple finishing processes to achieve the desired level of smoothness.


Spec-Brik is a popular product that offers the rich look of clay brick along with the structural performance and economy of concrete masonry. It is an excellent choice for projects with “brick or better” requirements and is known for increasing the speed of construction. It offers a smooth, brick-like texture and is easy to maintain. Spec-Brik is also mold and fire resistant.

Roman Stone
Roman Stone Logo

Roman Stone is a stylish, modern interpretation of Roman limestone. It accurately replicates a more old-world appearance while at the same time offering the benefits of concrete masonry. Roman Stone Architectural CMUs are well adapted for either interior or exterior use.

Water Control Technology

All Architectural CMUs can be manufactured with Water Control Technology (WTC) for superior resistance to moisture penetration. We highly recommend that all CMUs that are going to be used for exterior applications be manufactured with Integral Water Repellent, which is available for all of our products. For more information, please refer to our website under Concrete Products Group.

Many Different Colors

All of our Architectural CMU products are available in all the Fizzano Brothers colors as well as customized colors. In addition, they can be manufactured with two blended colors. This provides a powerful element of both contrast and diversity to any project. The colors are combined with a unique manufacturing process such that no two units will have exactly the same color pattern. Color-matched mortar is another option available to our customers.

Eco-Friendly Products

At Fizzano Brothers, we are pleased to say that all our Architectural Concrete Masonry Units can be manufactured with up to 30% pre-consumer recycled content. This is an excellent option for green projects where there is an emphasis on the use of eco-friendly projects. The use of recycled content in no way adversely affects the properties of the units.

Talk To Us For More Information About CMUs

If you are considering the use of Architectural CMUs for your next project, remember that Fizzano Brothers manufactures these products for commercial, institutional, industrial, and residential construction. All are available in a myriad of colors, shapes, and sizes – and matching color mortar is available for all colors. Sample boxes and product literature in all types are available to the designer, contractor, or owner. Please contact Tom Fizzano at or at 610-457-5173 for architectural consultation, samples, and literature.