Concrete Product Group

The Concrete Products Group (CPG) consists of regional market leaders in the concrete products industry. The Concrete Products Group, LLC is organized to provide consistent products behind a strong brand to regional and national masonry customers. Spec-Brik® and Spec-Finish® are produced by FIZZANO BROTHERS with consistent specifications and production expertise.

Water Control Technology

WCT units (on left) were spray bar tested with no mortar (just gaps) alongside a traditional block design (right) with a water flow rate equivalent to 180” of rain per hour for a half hour and then at a rate of 30” of rain for an additional 24 hours.

Result: The traditional block began to show moisture penetration to the interior surface after 11 seconds. The WCT block completed the 24 hour test without any evident moisture penetration to the interior surface of the wall


Water Control Technology (WCT) is based on preserving the superior performance characteristics of concrete block while adding features that improve the ability of masonry wall assemblies to resist moisture penetration.

CPG made subtle changes to the top surfaces of each WCT block’s webs to discourage water from crossing to the interior face shell. Corners and ends can use the WCT drainage zones without compromising aesthetics or performance. These innovations are accomplished with a block that is fully compliant with the concrete masonry unit standard, ASTM C90.

The new masonry wall system with superior resistance to moisture penetration.


WCT Brochure



The Beauty of Brick and the Economy of Concrete Masonry! Spec-Brik® provides the functionality of concrete block with the aesthetic look of brick.

The Spec-Brik product line offers a variety of fittings that allow for easy installation. Spec-Brik, produced in a classic rectangular brick shape, is manufactured in a variety of color blends. Its size and scale make it a fast track, cost-effective solution that generates time and cost savings for a broad range of design applications.

Ideal for projects with “brick or better” requirements, Spec-Brik® is available in a range of blends and combines the proven durability and economy of concrete masonry with the rich traditional beauty of brick in a full depth structural veneer system.

Spec-Brik is the attractive and logical alternative to other concrete wall systems.

A full size 8”x16” Spec-Brik Jumbo® unit is also available; the courses fit perfectly with the standard 4”x16” Spec-Brik for added design flexibility.




Spec-Finish is an extremely durable coated concrete masonry wall system. It provides an attractive and impermeable surface over the entire CMU wall.

The combination of extremely smooth textured block and high performance coatings results in a coated wall system that minimizes the need for application of filler layers and minimizes cost.

Spec-Finish is a great solution for interior wall finishes. Perfect for Schools, Hospitals, Animal Shelters, Veterinary Facilities, Lavatories, Laboratories, Dormitories, Arenas, Food Service Areas, Stadiums, Detention Facilities, Transportation Centers, and much, much more.

Available in typical ASTM C 90 sizes.




Featuring Korfil Hi-R® from Concrete Block Products Group.

The Spec-Thermal™ Insulated Masonry system is a pre-insulated concrete masonry unit which provides significantly enhanced thermal performance over conventional masonry or foamed in place masonry.

The block and the insulation are combined at the block manufacturing plant prior to delivery to the job site.